My name is Elia, and aside from my 4 yr old Labrador, Archie, EliaBakes is my little baby. 😊

EB arch

I built EliaBakes on the foundation of friends and family. Truly the FRAMILY mentality, and my goal has always been to create delicious and awe-inspiring cakes, AND to share my knowledge to showcase how easy and welcoming baking can be!

By day, I work in online marketing, but I’ve always leaned more on the creative side of things. I used to write and draw A LOT, and once I graduated from college, I pushed those creative outlets aside, and focused more on growing my professional career to move up the corporate ladder. While I love what I do, that creative side just wasn’t getting fulfilled, so I started baking… and baking, and baking, and baking…..

I’m a born and bred Californian, born in Newport Beach, grew up in Los Angeles, currently reside in Burbank, and make my cakes out of a kitchen that rivals Harry Potter’s closet-sized bedroom. I’m certainly no culinary expert, and did not attend a culinary school by any stretch of the imagination.

I slowly taught myself how to bake over the years, and have learned all my tips and tricks from trial and error… and yes, my stomach shows just how many errors I’ve had over the years!  I’m heavily inspired by fresh ingredients, over the top cake creations, and I have an exceptional (!!) sweet tooth.

I began creating cakes for immediate friends and family, and over 10 years and many, MANY YouTube tutorials later, I grew and fostered my skill, resulting with my baking opening up so many great opportunities and creative outlets, and I couldn’t be any more grateful! You guys HAVE to try my “Very Chocolate” and “Strawberry White Chocolate” cakes!

To see more of the cakes I’ve made, you can follow me on Instagram and Facebook, where I share everything I make!

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