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The BEST Chocolate Cake Recipe

Chocolate cake... My very first love, and my sure fire kryptonite. I will NEVER say "no" to a piece... Here is my take on a chocolate cake recipe that will surely prove to be simple to make, is moist, FLAVORFUL (some have compared this to a rich chocolate brownie(!!)), and holds its texture! I mean,… Continue reading The BEST Chocolate Cake Recipe

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DELICIOUS (and EASY) Coconut Macaroon Recipe

I can't necessarily pinpoint when I had my first coconut macaroon, but what I can tell you without doubt, is that it must have been a joyous day... Coconut macaroons, when made correctly, are moist and chewy on the inside, while the outside has this brilliant toasted crunch. Drizzle some chocolate ganache on top, and… Continue reading DELICIOUS (and EASY) Coconut Macaroon Recipe