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The BEST Lemon Cake Recipe (Lemon Fault Line Cake)

I love EVERYTHING that has to do with lemon, but especially lemon CAKE! Lemon to me is bright, refreshing, and just screams SUMMER! This recipe is near and dear to my heart because this was the cake that I made for my mom and grandma (who I call "Tati") for Mother's Day this year since… Continue reading The BEST Lemon Cake Recipe (Lemon Fault Line Cake)

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The BEST Chocolate Cake Recipe

Chocolate cake... My very first love, and my sure fire kryptonite. I will NEVER say "no" to a piece... I've spent YEARS trying to find and perfect a GOOD QUALITY chocolate cake recipe. The first chocolate cake I ever made was an Ina Garten recipe, that was AMAZING. Her recipe is probably one the moistest… Continue reading The BEST Chocolate Cake Recipe